Nurture your body with Attiva’s range of nutritionally superior protein powders. Our protein is lovingly sourced from New Zealand’s grass-fed cows and enhanced with an added live culture (22 million colony-forming units). You’ll love our all-natural flavours like raw cacao and Manuka honey.



Health Goals

Attiva’s protein powders have all the right ingredients and none of the nasty ones. That’s why supplementing your diet with Attiva Life’s protein powders will help you (and not hinder you) in reaching your health goals. Have the confidence of knowing what you’re putting into your body. Trust that your protein powder will work because it’s low calorie, naturally sweetened and more likely to survive the journey to your gut because of an added live culture.

Real people

You don’t need to smash out a daily weights session at the gym to benefit from our range of natural protein powders. People of all shapes and sizes use our protein powders to reach their health goals.


Real nutrition

We’re transparent about our natural ingredients. Become stronger and leaner and boost your immune system by choosing a clean protein containing whey from grass-fed cows, natural flavours and live cultures. Made in Australia with nothing hidden or nasty.


Real results

Get more out of your training by using protein to help your muscles to grow and repair. Our quality, natural ingredients may increase your energy while helping you to lose weight and to achieve your fitness goals.


Attiva Life Favourites

Here’s a selection of our most popular protein powders for building muscle, losing weight and boosting immunity. They’re perfect for people who are looking to add a 100% natural protein supplement into their diet, so they get all the benefits and they know exactly what’s going into their body.

What #real people are saying

I’m obsessed with Attiva Life Berry Protein and it’s become a ritual of mine I look forward to drinking every single morning!

- Jessica
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Maximum Performance
Promotes a Healthy Gut
100% Natural Ingredients
No Added Sugar
No Artificial Additives
Australian Made & Owned