Gut Health

There are trillions of microorganisms living in your digestive tract — bacteria, fungi and viruses. These microorganisms are collectively called your microbiome. They’re involved in functions essential to your health and wellbeing — digestion, creating essential nutrients, fighting infection and regulating your moods. A healthy gut will keep your body running at its best, so ensuring your microorganisms are in balance is key. Stress, medication use, alcohol, illness, environment and diet can throw your microbiome out of balance. To keep your gut healthy we’ve included beneficial probiotics in our natural protein powders. You can boost your immune system while also helping your body to build muscle and recover from workouts. Each serve will deliver 22 million CFU (colony-forming units) of bacillus coagulants to your gut to help colonise the good bacteria. We’ve chosen this strain because it’s more likely to survive the journey into your gut — being more resistant to your digestive tract’s acidic environment.