Attiva Life is a family business founded by husband and wife team Quentin and Noleen Singh.

Quentin and Noleen started Attiva Life to help everyday people to live healthier lives by offering a range of 100% natural protein powders. Their goal was to offer nutritional support to help others reach their weight or exercise goals.

Attiva Life isn’t the path Noleen and Quentin expected to find themselves on. A major part of their lives was taken up by the corporate world. For 20 years, Quentin worked in IT for investment banks, and Noleen worked in a global human resources role.

Working crazy hours and travelling left little time for a life outside work — especially to eat well and exercise. Noleen and Quentin relaxed by cooking comfort food (usually their favourite creamy pastas with cheese). Life was busy, and they didn’t know what a chance they were taking with their health.

Five years ago, Quentin and Noleen’s lives were turned upside down when Noleen was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. Their corporate careers ended and their focus turned to their health. They found balance in food and exercise. Noleen supported her body through chemotherapy by eating good food, limiting meat and focusing on her gut health.

Together, they learnt an enormous amount about nutrition and experienced the benefits of a healthier lifestyle under trying circumstances.

Sadly, Noleen’s change to a healthier lifestyle and her new and extensive nutritional knowledge didn’t come fast enough. But she showed us how to fight even when the battle seemed impossible to win, and Attiva Life is a celebration of her love of life.

Noleen’s commitment to helping others is why Attiva Life is incredibly important to Quentin and the family he made with Noleen. In Noleen’s memory, Quentin is helping others to achieve their healthiest potential with natural protein supplements.

You’ll find our natural range of protein products are not only free from any harmful ingredients but contain additional probiotics so that you’ll also be fortifying your gut health and boosting your immune system. We’re fully transparent about where we source our quality ingredients because we want you to have only the best.


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We created Attiva Life for people who want to support their training or weight-loss goals with a superior protein supplement. We care about what you’re putting into your body — that’s why we’re transparent about each natural ingredient.

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We’re transparent about our natural ingredients. Become stronger and leaner and boost your immune system by choosing a clean protein containing whey from grass-fed cows, natural flavours and live cultures. Made in Australia with nothing hidden or nasty.

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Get more out of your training by using protein to help your muscles to grow and repair. Our quality, natural ingredients may help to increase your energy, to help you to lose weight and to achieve your fitness goals.